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Blog commenting

Blogs are amazing. Whether you have a personal blog, a niche blog or a business blog, you get to share so much of your knowledge with others!

However, it can be difficult to build up a good reputation with a new blog. You’re the new kid on the block, why should others read what you have to say, if there are so many others out there who already have a well established reputation?

Blog comments. Feedback from other people can shape up to be a powerful tool. Once a few readers start to give you some positive feedback (or any feedback, for that matter), others will join in shortly!

It’s more likely that your readers will feel more inclined to comment on your blog/website if they see others are already doing it. Your blog will look more active and it will clearly prove that it generates interest among other visitors.

If you need your blog to look more alive or if you have any questions, contact me and I’ll get back to you ‘pronto’.

Paid forum posting

Forums are a great place for people to really connect and chat like there’s no tomorrow. They’re virtual communities where people from all over the world get together and discuss their favorite topics.

But every forum admin knows that!

The tricky part many new forum admins are struggling with is launching an enlivened community. Growing a new forum from zero activity to a lively virtual neighborhood is tricky business when you don’t have any members to create content.

I’ve been an enthusiastic forum poster on many forums, since 2007. Since 2012, I’ve started putting my expertise to good use: helping new communities grow into dynamic, friendly forums.

Paid forum posting is a great way to get your community up and running in no time.

Order now, or contact me if you have any questions.